Don’t tell mum!

  • By Alison
  • 13 February, 2011
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When I was at university, I made sure I learned everything I could about social interaction and cultures. I’m not talking about my course – I’m talking about what you do when you’re not studying. I excelled in this regard.

I also had some quite adept mentors on my side. 

My mother used to get a pained expression on her face when I told her about nights out that I had when I was at uni. With her lips pressed together like a pinched nerve, she’d warn me that the longer I stayed out, the more chance there was that something would happen.

I used to think… GREAT! I’d love something to happen…

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Only mad dogs and Englishmen (go out in snow)

The recent snowfall in England has successfully done its job once again, in bringing pretty much most of Great Britain to a complete standstill. Airports closed, network rail halted, and roads gridlocked with abandoned cars.

Of course, only the crazy and stupid people would choose to get in their cars and add to the problem when the snow is falling and the gritters are still stabled. The warnings come thick and fast to NOT drive unless you absolutely have to.

Which of course, is why we found ourselves driving through Saturday’s blizzard, both dressed in wedding finery, and going nowhere fast…

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Hello, IT support, how can I not help you?

My father in law has recently been dragged kicking and screaming into the current century, by the tax department. He now owns a computer, and has “access to the interwebs”. He had no choice but to buy a computer because – as an accountant – he was required by law to put his clients tax returns in online.

With any normal person, adapting to this new regime might be tricky, but would eventually become second nature. But we’re not taking normal people here.

If you knew my father in law you’d know how insane this situation sounds. Suggesting that he’d become familar with it soon enough is enough to induce death by hysteria…

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Here’s a post for all the stabby people out there

  • By Alison
  • 23 May, 2010
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Have you had it up to here with rude pushy people?

Are you sick of people making demands of you all the time?

Do you hate it when self obsessed people yack on and on about themselves?

Is your day filled with annoying folk who don’t know how stupid they are?

Does that slow little old lady meandering down the street in front of you make you want to scream?

Are you getting stabby?

Well, here’s a post for you!

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The one in which I start a war with my neighbours. Or have sex with them.

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I have coffee in my veins. Probably.

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Banged up in Munich for being English. Probably.

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The strangeness of kinders

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FML? Please don’t.

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random ramblings and red wine

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