Don’t feed the wildlife…

  • By Alison
  • 6 January, 2013
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Last year I broke my own unspoken rule about being an observer rather than an interferer to the wildlife around us. I tossed my foxy friend a scrap of ham, … Continue Reading →

Basil brush bites back

There has been a large furor lately about a fox attack that happened on two babies who were lying in their cot – in their house, on the third floor. Both babies were seriously injured, and while they are both home now, one of them may need plastic surgery throughout her life, due to the facial injuries. 

Apparently 6 foxes have now been trapped in their backyard and put to death.

Nothing can lessen the horror of this event – particularly the fact that the fox had to travel up 2 flights of stairs to get at the girls. That they were not safe in their own bedroom.

What bites on me – however – is…

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in which I play with iphone apps

I’ve been using a couple of iphone apps to adjust and edit my photos (just for a laugh) so here are the results!

cat on a (not) hot (or) tin roof

It’s not summer yet, but as the eternal optimist I’ve put the shade sails up. And the cat loves it. Makes for some funky photos too!

pruning – cat style

The cat has decided that the old jasmine needs pruning, and has set about doing it for me. It’s looking particularly sparse at the moment.

My old mangy friend

I’ve always hated the foxes that call our back access passage their home, as they are – for the most part – a mangy pack of degenerate creatures who are … Continue Reading →

jet lag and babbling

The cat is sleeping on my arms, which is making typing this post very very difficult indeed. He hasn’t done this since he was a kitten, which just shows how … Continue Reading →

Fox on the shed roof, part 2

  • By Alison
  • 28 December, 2009
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It was so cold today that one of the young foxes decided to sleep the afternoon away in the sun on our shed roof. He was there for at least … Continue Reading →

You belong in the zoo

  • By Alison
  • 12 December, 2009
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Whoa, black mousie, bambalam!

Had some fun teasing the cat. He loves to chase his “black mousie” which I swear must be filled with catnip, because no other toy gets him dashing about looking … Continue Reading →