my dishy man


He is dishy, of course. But that misleading title belongs to a little diatribe all about my man and his relationship with our dishwasher.

If you’ve ever read the first ever blog post I wrote – written back in the days when blogs hadn’t been invented yet (1996), but published here on this blog in 2007 – you’ll see that the washing machine and my husband don’t see eye to eye. That relationship deteriorated to the point that he was banned from touching it before we were even married. I’d be surprised if he even knew where it was these days.

The washing machine might be out of the picture, but the dishwasher has struggled on, trying desperately to please. It’s never been a good relationship, but he’s never managed to flood a neighbour’s kitchen with it, which is always a plus.

The big problem is that he lacks the necessary logic to stack dishes in a manner that is conducive to successful washing.

I know we all complain about the male ability – or lack thereof when it comes to dishwashers.

And I know that it’s quite possibly a deliberate attempt to get himself relived from the duty purely by being so damn rubbish at it.

Let’s take exhibit A.


This is the dirty washing that didn’t fit in the dishwasher because it was allegedly “Too Full”.

A pot, a strainer and a spoon.

Couldn’t be fit in at all. No room. No space.

You know what’s coming next, don’t you!

Lets have a look at Exhibit B.

I looked in the dishwasher, and what did I see? A half packed dishwasher looking back at me.

Now – we ladies know how to stack a dishwasher. It’s a process that has been raised to an art form by our kind.

A man might look at those racks and declare that he was right – there IS no space left. But what that man would be forgetting is that these racks were STACKED BY A MAN.


And even worse – this is after the cycle has run. And some of the items were facing the wrong way or blocked from the jets, so they didn’t clean properly.

So – being the loving wife that I am, and sick of telling him to stack in a more logical way, I am doing what any normal woman would do. I am providing the world with photographic evidence of this ineptitude, and comparing them with what he SHOULD HAVE DONE.

Exhibit C – The right way to do it.

First up – the bottom rack. 


As you can see, plenty of room for that pot that got left out, yes?

And now for the top rack…


That’s where the sieve is going to sit nicely, isn’t. And maybe a small rabbit or several hamsters.

And that’s it for our lesson in dishwasher stacking today. It’s all in the pursuit of dishwasher utopia.

Coming soon, Exhibit D – the tea cup that hits me, moments after Mr Boxer Shorts reads this post.