The Beckenham Fair

  • By Alison
  • 7 September, 2008
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We’ve just got back from the Beckenham Town Fair, about £30 poorer, and frozen to the bone.

Take note that it’s actually the first week of September, so you’d imagine if you went out wearing jeans, a jumper, coat and shoes and socks you’d
be warm enough.

The grey drizzles meant that the park – usually packed in summer on a weekend – was practically empty. The vendors selling pancakes and hog roast probably
didn’t break even on their petrol costs.

We watched the medievil archers (it’s always the yorks against lancasters) and the working dog show, then wandered off to let the kids play in overpriced
and rather damp inflatables.

It’s such a shame that this crap summer continues. Show days in our park are normally very enjoyable. You always run into several friends and the kids
school friends, and end up sitting and chatting while the kids run riot. Today there were so few people in there, and I bet many didn’t stay for long.

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