The trouble with Freecycle…

Is that when things are free, people don’t value them. And they don’t seem to value the time of the person who is happy to provide them something for

I am giving away a 2 and 3 seater sofa. They are in good condition for 9 year old sofas. The covers are washable and they are in great condition. And lots of
people have emailed and asked about them. But the people who were coming today (tomorrow, saturday, thursday again, friday and then today again) have just
cancelled because their man with a van has broken down. And so they think they’ll just give up. Now I have to find someone else, which means going down the
list to the next two people (because the next 2 only wanted 1 each, but luckily they each wanted a different one!)

This means again I have to reorganise my day to accomodate them viewing it, then picking it up. And we have the new sofas arriving on saturday. I can just see
me ending up with 5 sofas and one armchair in the house at the same time.

And one more think, WHY do I keep typing sofars??

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  • favafoyo says:

    oh that is such a pain. I’ve run into that problem before, but with selling stuff. usually when stuff is free people flock to your residence and fight over
    it on your doorstep… so haven’t had issues there… but people always cancel when they want to buy something of yours on craigslist. they are flakes.