about me

Welcome to my blog, which I hope you find entertaining. Somewhere inside me is a book that is slowly coming to life, but it’s a slow process. Writing a blog is my way of keeping a flow of writing and thoughts and trying to refine my writing ability. It’s also subject to the whims of crazy in a box and verbal diarrhea that I occassionally suffer.

It’s also an outlet for my love for my Nikon D70 D90 and my visual outlook.

I live on the outskirts of London in the great british suburbia with Mr Boxer Shorts, Miss Trouble Pants, Miss Comic Relief, and Mr Evil, aka Toby the cat. I’ve been in England since 1996 and think it’s got colder here every year. I haven’t seen a white christmas once. I am getting tempted to open my tin of sunshine just to be reminded of what Australia was like.
I am Australian, in case you weren’t sure. I hail from Sydney.
I currently work as a web designer, after spending many years in design and advertising. My portfolio site can be found at spayce.com.


I go by various names on different sites, but generally I use “pixielation” most often. I previously used “pink”, but it’s rare to find that name available on other sites, which is why I switched to pixielation.
If you want to get in touch, please use the comment box below to send me a message (all correspondence sent via this page will remain private, and not shown on the site).

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