Here’s a post for all the stabby people out there

  • By Alison
  • 23 May, 2010
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Have you had it up to here with rude pushy people?

Are you sick of people making demands of you all the time?

Do you hate it when self obsessed people yack on and on about themselves?

Is your day filled with annoying folk who don’t know how stupid they are?

Does that slow little old lady meandering down the street in front of you make you want to scream?

Are you getting stabby?

Well, here’s a post for you!

For fucks sake, CHEER UP!

I mean, sheesh! Why do people go looking for things get annoyed at? Why do they spend so much time using social networking to tell other people how pissed off they are?

My twitter stream is full of people getting stabby. Moaning about their lives, or telling us all that they are sick. And by sick – I don’t mean the few people in my stream who really ARE sick, and whose health is actually of interest to me. I mean the people who have a cold.

Please, don’t tell me about your snot, your sinuses or your spew. And while you’re at it – I don’t need to know when your kids are streaming green gargantuan boogers either. I’m just going to presume that they are doing that full time and we’ll be fine, ok?

Now listen up. Every day I run out of time to properly finish things. Whether it’s folding the clean washing, cleaning the bathroom, defleaing the cat or doing client work. I know – there are not enough hours in one day to get everything done. I never manage to clear my to-do list.

I often have a slight feeling of desperation as I think about what I didn’t manage to finish. It makes me feel slightly on edge.

But we’re all in the same boat.

Sometimes you need to vent. Sure thing – that’s understandable. But if you find yourself venting ALL the time, maybe you should be doing something about it. Why are you always so angry? And why do you want to share your misery with the world? We don’t need to keep on hearing about it.

I have a theory. It’s not always right, but my theory is that if you pass a little happiness along to another person, they’ll keep it going.

Sometimes the chain breaks, but it’s never going to work at all if you don’t start it off.

I like to test this theory out when I am driving, by letting other people out of side roads or giving way and letting others in when they’re trying join heavy traffic. That might make them happy. My hope is that they’ll go on to let someone else in, and that will make them happy too. They’ll pass little gesture of kindness on.

Maybe that gesture will come back to you. Not immediately, but eventually. That’s karma.

But bad feelings and angry words will do the same. Pass some angriness on to someone else, and they’ll pass it on too. And eventually it will come back to you.

So if you’re feeling stabby, why not make a concerted effort to dissolve that bad feeling and replace it with something better.

Make the world a better place, one kind thought at a time.

Or I’ll come over there and stab you.*

* just kidding mum.

** I started writing this on the 19th, and ended up not publishing it until the 30th, so I compromised and set the date to the 23rd. Random.

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